Saturday, October 10, 2015

Guide you to choose the best recurve bow

Recurve bow is temporarily sorted into 5 classes, with different prices.

For beginner H2 with price of $100.
The Beginner should use this kind of recurve bow – an unbreakable bow well, sound impossible but it’s true anyway with carbon arrows. Steel or wooden arrows are good for hunting too. Fiberglass is terrible and it wastes your money seriously. You can buy the cheapest arm guard and finger tab which is fine.

Intermediate recurve bow H3 to H7 with price of $200 - $300
Premium Italian or Korean recurve bow can shoot exactly. Their limbs are strong, exact, hard to twist. At in this phrase, you should practice with sling, and add Sight after that for the higher class. You can not form wrong – that’s not acceptable. Adjust your position from the beginning is very important, you should form right rather than shoot right.

Intermediate – Advance recurve bow H8 to H12 with price of $600 - $800:
You are about to get into Olympic style, you can practice with Stabilizer, you are truly passionate about Archery.You can choose SF for riser and wooden fiberglass for limbs of a recurve bow. You should choose a better finger tab for this phrase. In this class, a recurve bow is famous for the sound of strings: it’s strong, firm and smooth. Almost intermediate – advance recurve bow looks really cool.

Advance recurve bow H13 to H14 with price of $1000 - $1200:
Now you can call yourself an archer, and your goal does not end here, you want to be master archer. You should buy a recurve bow with dual adjustable sight, carbon limb for more tenacious, lighter and better. Steel sight is cheaper but heavier than carbon sight, the quality of those two are the same. At this level, you can practice with Stabilizer and Clicker.

recurve bow beginner 

Professional recurve bow H15 to H22 with price of $1800 to $3500:

You are a professional archer and about to compete with other professionals? Your recurve bow must be perfect for this. Carbon-foam limb for lightness, ILF limbs for every bow but Formula is for Formula bow. You can use Fuse or HMC or Beiter, Bee Stinger for Stabilizer and Carbon Shibuya and Toxonic for Sight. You should choose Beiter for Clicker and Plunger, Fast flight for string and Twist Vanes for arrows. For advanced recurve bow, you can also equipped 2 more string stoppers, this improvement is for faster arrows, stronger pulling, more exact. Other features like limb saver and top stabilizer are helpful too.

In conclusion, for beginner, you should choose a strong and nice recurve bow for reselling later of course you have to take care of it and upgrading without costing a lot of money. I’m not champion of archery but I have lots of chance to talk to international archers who shoot and own a lot of recurve bows from several brands, they know the characteristics and strengths and weaknesses of every recurve bow, this is a guidance for you to choose a good one. Besides passion and courage, you also need a right guidance with professional comments