Thursday, May 12, 2016

Choose Your Type of Running Spikes to Match the Race

Running spikes can be extremely beneficial for runners who want to enter competitive events. This is because running shoes with spikes offer superior grip compared to other types of running footwear. Often in wet conditions it is easy for normal sneakers to slip backwards slightly when driving forwards, especially during sprint racing where generally only the toes and balls of the feet make contact with the ground. Running track spikes dig firmly into the surface and prevent any backward slipping, which enables you to put your concentration into powering forwards. Having the confidence that you will not slip over and finish last can give you all the mental edge you need to do really well in track racing.

However, it is not as simple as just popping down the store and buying the cheapest spiked running shoes you can find! Even if you are a single race specialist – for example, a 100 meter sprinter – you will almost always need several pairs of track running spikes, or at least have several sets of the detachable spikes which fit a single pair of shoes. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, the rules of the race meeting may specify a certain maximum length of track spike. You will need to investigate this for each race you intend competing in, as there is nothing more soul destroying than running an absolute flyer to win the race, only to get disqualified on a technicality later on. The second reason for having a selection of different running spikes is that all tracks tend to have their own idiosyncrasies. You will need to determine which length and type of spikes to employ for the track the race is to be run on; sometimes you will need to wear longer or shorter ones – just make sure they are legal under the race rules.

Track and field running spikes can be somewhat different from the sprinting shoes. Javelin spikes for example are more like short boots, and they have the spikes over the entire soles, including the heels, in contrast to sprint spikes which only have them attached at the front of the foot.

If you are more into middle and longer distance running, the general difference is in the comfort aspects; there is more padding for longer distance although middle distance running spikes are still much more lightweight than standard training shoes.

The best thing you can do is to get yourself some running spikes which fit into the general category that you compete in, whether that is sprinting or middle distance, and just try them out. As long as you do this, you will have shoes that fit your feet and have threads in the right places for your discipline. If the spikes themselves are an uncomfortable length, or just don’t perform the way you’d like, you can simply buy a new set of spikes and swap them, rather than having to buy an entirely new pair of spiked running shoes.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Colorful running shoes for women

A list of colorful running shoes for women from different running shoe manufacturers with information on what these running shoes are good for in addition to making your feet look nice and flashy.

Long gone are the days of boring white running shoes. Running shoe manufacturers are focusing more and more on the colorful, hipness, or even cuteness of applying bright colors to their running shoes.

Below I've listed a few of the most popular colorful running shoes for women. These running shoes will most certainly get you noticed.

In addition, you'll find information on what they are good for just in case you are looking for more in a running shoe than just getting compliments from others.

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 14

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 14 comes in different colors, but the most popular version is the light bright/grape/pink version of the running shoe.The ASICS GEL-Nimbus is what is called a stability running shoe, so is suitable for the majority of runners, since most people tend to overpronate when running. It offers slightly more stability than the ASICS GEL-Cumulus.

And the "Nimbus" in its name is a good indication of the amount of cushioning it offers, which you can expect to be soft.

All in all, the ASICS GEL-Nimbus offers firm support and soft cushioning for a pleasant and plush landing. That combined with its bright and almost neon-like colors will surely make heads turn.

ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 8

The ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 8 is a colorful shoe specifically built for runners who participate in triathlons. Triathletes swim, bike, and then run. So what you can expect from a triathlon running shoe is that you can get in and out of it quickly, that is helps your foot to breathe, and that it feels comfortable on your feet.

The ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 8 offers all of these features. At its core, it is a stability running shoe just like the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 14 with the difference that it targets triathlon runners instead of normal road runners.

As a runner who has just swam and biked, you don't want something that feels heavy on your feet. The ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 8 has a lightweight midsole system to increase your comfort and not make you more tired than you already are.

So this running shoe does not only look flashy, but it is also functional as a stability running shoe that is light and comfortable.

Salomon XR Mission

The Salomon XR Mission is a colorful trail running shoe. You can expect everything that you would expect a trail running shoe to offer on this Salomon running shoe such as good traction, good protection, and sturdiness.

While the Salomon XR Mission has been built for running on trails, you can also run with it on the road, since it is a lighter version of a trail running shoe and the lugs on the outer sole gives you good traction on trails with moderate friction on the road.

Salomon recommends this running shoe for short- to middle-distance runs.

Just like a normal road stability running shoe, the Salomon XR Mission is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. However, while the midsole is pretty flexible compared to a normal road running shoe, it might offer less stability where pronation is concerned.

So if you are just looking for a colorful and sporty looking running shoe, which you can also use for a good walk or run in the woods (so mostly outdoors), the Salomon XR Mission might fit the bill.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Guide you to choose the best recurve bow

Recurve bow is temporarily sorted into 5 classes, with different prices.

For beginner H2 with price of $100.
The Beginner should use this kind of recurve bow – an unbreakable bow well, sound impossible but it’s true anyway with carbon arrows. Steel or wooden arrows are good for hunting too. Fiberglass is terrible and it wastes your money seriously. You can buy the cheapest arm guard and finger tab which is fine.

Intermediate recurve bow H3 to H7 with price of $200 - $300
Premium Italian or Korean recurve bow can shoot exactly. Their limbs are strong, exact, hard to twist. At in this phrase, you should practice with sling, and add Sight after that for the higher class. You can not form wrong – that’s not acceptable. Adjust your position from the beginning is very important, you should form right rather than shoot right.

Intermediate – Advance recurve bow H8 to H12 with price of $600 - $800:
You are about to get into Olympic style, you can practice with Stabilizer, you are truly passionate about Archery.You can choose SF for riser and wooden fiberglass for limbs of a recurve bow. You should choose a better finger tab for this phrase. In this class, a recurve bow is famous for the sound of strings: it’s strong, firm and smooth. Almost intermediate – advance recurve bow looks really cool.

Advance recurve bow H13 to H14 with price of $1000 - $1200:
Now you can call yourself an archer, and your goal does not end here, you want to be master archer. You should buy a recurve bow with dual adjustable sight, carbon limb for more tenacious, lighter and better. Steel sight is cheaper but heavier than carbon sight, the quality of those two are the same. At this level, you can practice with Stabilizer and Clicker.

recurve bow beginner 

Professional recurve bow H15 to H22 with price of $1800 to $3500:

You are a professional archer and about to compete with other professionals? Your recurve bow must be perfect for this. Carbon-foam limb for lightness, ILF limbs for every bow but Formula is for Formula bow. You can use Fuse or HMC or Beiter, Bee Stinger for Stabilizer and Carbon Shibuya and Toxonic for Sight. You should choose Beiter for Clicker and Plunger, Fast flight for string and Twist Vanes for arrows. For advanced recurve bow, you can also equipped 2 more string stoppers, this improvement is for faster arrows, stronger pulling, more exact. Other features like limb saver and top stabilizer are helpful too.

In conclusion, for beginner, you should choose a strong and nice recurve bow for reselling later of course you have to take care of it and upgrading without costing a lot of money. I’m not champion of archery but I have lots of chance to talk to international archers who shoot and own a lot of recurve bows from several brands, they know the characteristics and strengths and weaknesses of every recurve bow, this is a guidance for you to choose a good one. Besides passion and courage, you also need a right guidance with professional comments

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Considerations for best food dehydrator 2015

Whether we live to eat or we eat to live, the fact is that food is a commodity that we cannot stay away from. The way we handle it therefore determines our health. A food dehydrator therefore comes in handy to ensure that food is kept free from any disease causing microorganisms or lose of nutrients. It works by drying food and thus prolonging its shelf-life.
Types of food dehydrators
There are two major types of food dehydrators in the market. Excalibur dehydrator and Presto dehydrator. Excalibur dehydrator is intended for those in the food business industry who would like to use it for commercial purposes. This equipment allows you to dry large quantities of food and thus has a potential of bringing in more money for those using it. Make sure you choose one that has air flowing horizontally to avoid mixing flavors when drying different food items at the same time. However if you only plan to preserve just one type of food at a given time, then it is okay to use a food dehydrator that allows vertical air flow. For food that requires less light, make sure you use dehydrators with dark or tinted doors to control the amount of light getting to the food.
Presto dehydrator on the other hand can be used both at home and for business purposes. Its design is in such way that anyone can use it for the purposes of food preservation.
It is important to note that raw food is highly rich in nutrients. To avoid the loss of such nutrients, it is advised that you shield them from too much heat that will otherwise reduce these nutrients. This is why you need dehydrators with dark doors when preserving raw food.
Considerations for best food dehydrator 2015

Here are some of the important factors you need to consider before purchasing a food dehydrator for your personal use:
Wattage: A higher wattage is advisable as this increases the rate of food dehydration, allowing you to dehydrate more food in less time.
Size: This is more of a concern to those with limited kitchen space. Try choosing a food dehydrator that correctly fits into your kitchen or work space without causing any major inconveniences. If space is not a concern to you, then you might want to choose a bigger dehydrator with many trays that will allow you to dry a larger quantity of food at any particular time.
Shape: This is a factor that most people battle with whenever they think of buying a food dehydrator. Try picturing the area in which you will place the equipment and you will be freed from worrying about shape. A square food dehydrator is obviously better for a square space than a circular food dehydrator.
Fan: Take a look at how the fans are mounted. The best dehydrator to choose is one whose fans are mounted at the sides or at the top as they allow horizontal air flow which prevents mixing of flavors as well as dripping. Fans mounted at the bottom allow vertical air flow and limits the type of food you would like to dry at any particular time unless you do not mind mixing flavors.
Thermostat: Different foodstuffs need to be dried at different temperatures. You need to choose a food dehydrator whose thermostat is easily adjustable to match the heat required to dry the different foodstuffs you intend to preserve.
Tray spacing: The space between trays should be in such a way that air flow is not obstructed, thus allowing proper drying.
Timer: For accuracy in operation, you need to consider getting a food dehydrator with in-built timer.
Warranty: Warranties are ways of assuring a client that the product they are purchasing is of a good quality. Most food dehydrators have a warranty of one year. You might want to consider getting a warranty before completing the transaction.
Heating element: the heating element needs to be enclosed to prevent any electric faults that might be caused when the food juices drip on it.

Try making an informed choice based on the factors listed and you will be safe from any regrets. Pay attention to key features rather than prices as cheap at times is expensive. with such concerns in mind you are definitely going to get the best food dehydrator 2016 has to offer.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What is an air compressor?

An air compressor refers to anything capable of increasing the amount of air that is contained in a particular space. The air pressure is usually increased by packing in the air. This creates a force which is beneficial in a number of ways such as manufacturing, industrial, commercial and for personal gains.

Types of Air Compressors

The first type of air compressor reviews is the lung. For example, whenever a person takes a deep breath to blow out a candle, the air pressure is increased in his/ her lungs which will become air compressors containing the pressurized air. This force is what is used to blow out the candles flame.
The man made air compressors; these compressors fall into two major types; Dynamic or positive displacement. They are usually defined by the operation mode. Positive air compressor displacement will function by filling and emptying the air chamber. There are three major types of the displacement air compressors; the rotary sliding, rotary screw, and reciprocating air compressors.
The dynamic air compressors usually use rotating devices to accelerate and decelerate air. This entire process uses velocity or speed of the air to increase the air pressure. A good example of the dynamic air compressor is the centrifugal air compressor.

Uses of Air Compressors

Compressed air can always be used in a number of ways. First, it can always be used to alter the composition of chemicals such as in making of fertilizer. It can also be used for industrial purposes like manufacturing, production line and maintaining of industrial plants. The most popular use of the air compressors is in the use of the pneumatic tools such as the spray guns, ratchet wrenches, staplers, sanders and nail guns. These compressors can also be used in the movement of debris.

Various Stages of Air Compressors

Air compressors can also be grouped based on the number of stages they have. For example, a two staged air compressor is normally used for heavy duties since it is capable of offering a higher level of compression compared to the single staged and smaller air compressors. These two staged air compressors are capable of storing air for future use and are usually more energy efficient since they are capable of producing more air per unit of power horse compared to the single stage compressors. These compressors also produce less heat reducing the wear on the unit. 


We also have the hand powered air compressors though they are normally powered by either natural gas or electricity. Natural gas is known to be cost effective. When using an air compressor in a small enclosed area, the electric models are the most favorable one since it is capable of avoiding gas fumes. The cost of operation can also be high depending on the type of air compressor you are using.

Benefits of using the Air Compressors

Air Compressors are Cool
The air compressors are considered to be a cool tool. Though you will use more energy and spend lots of your time learning how to use the air compressors, how to set up your line and what the gauges mean, once learnt you can always use it for your entire lifetime.

You will never beat the cost effectiveness and versatility of the air compressors.  There are a great number of tools which can always be used together with the air compressors. 

The Spray painting process is made to be a breeze
You will be painting furniture, smaller painting projects and cabinets using a spray gun which have been powered by an air compressor.
In case you are working in carpentry, crafts or building industry, there is nothing which can help you speed up your work as a nail gun. For you to use a nail gun, you need to use an air compressor in order to save some costs.

The air compressors are normally used in a number of industrial and commercial applications. Generally, the air compressors have been designed to work with various types of tools in order to achieve the pneumatic power. Most electric tools are known to use air compressors including air sanders, sand blasters, spray guns, air staplers, blo guns and nail guns. Find more about air compressor and tips at

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Best Belt Sander Brands Available On The Market

A belt sander is a sander tool which is used to smooth wood, and some other materials surface. Its operation is almost similar to treadmill, while a belt sander’s motor drives the belt to run in a circular way. It is mainly used for the first step of rough sanding because it could quickly remove a significant amount of any materials. These tools are design with the aim of increasing the speed of the sanding progress, and you won’t get exhausted or tedious anymore when doing this task. That’s why the belt sander is a must have in every toolbox. You could find many type of belt sanders in the market with the variety of price and brands, and some most trusted brands would be Makita, Porter Cable, Ryobi or Ridgid.

In here, we will choose for you some of the best brand belt sanders, so you would choose a best one depend on your desire.

1. Makita
Makita is a leader brand in the construction industry, and Makita 9903 8.8 Amp belt sander is still the most popular model. This sander tool is a high end product which is trusted by many people who have frequently worked with to wood project or specified field. The greatest point of this product is the quietness of the motor, and it is considered as the quietest sander in its class. This brand offered the auto-tracking belt system that maintain the belt all the time without adjustment, this feature make sander of this brand stand out among others. It has a good design, and some useful features like dust collecting feature which remove effectively all the dust while sanding.

2. Porter Cable
A famous brand in the power tool manufacturing is Porter Cable. The Porter Cable 362V is one of the best belt sanders offering from this firm. It weighs 15 pounds, which is heavy for a handheld sander, but heavier is better when you don’t have to push hard on the material when sanding. 12 Amp motor gives this machine the ability to sand through the wood without bogging down.  This sanders’ belt measures 4 inches by 24 inches which are quite larger, so it allows to sand a big surface quicker. A quick-release lever is included that help changing the belt a lot easier.  This product includes a built-in dust collection with a cloth bag which is easily be removed, replaced and cleaned.

3. Ryobi or Ridgid

If you are looking for a small tool with an average functions, you might want to consider the Ryobi or Ridgid (In here we choose 2 products which are Ryobi ZRBE318 and Ridgid ZRR2740). Ryobi ZRBE318 is a powerful tool with only 5 Amp motor and fairly small sanding surface (3”x18”). It’s lightweight, which is suitable for amateurs or less-intense jobs. A characterized feature of this brand is the lock-on trigger, which mean it won’t stop the belt sander if you release the pressure on the trigger. Ridgid ZRR2740 is also a lightweight belt sander (8.2 pound), and it also have similar size of sanding surface as Ryobi ZRBE318. It has auto-tracking feature and a good dust collection system with two fan.

After considering these above machines, you might choose one which is fit for your jobs. If you’re constructor who intends to do lot of intense jobs, you may prefer Makita or Porter Cable brand. Otherwise, Ryobi or Ridgid would be a good choice.

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How to Choose a Food Dehydrator for Your Kitchen

If you enjoy an equipment which can preserve  foods such as dried foods,  a food dehydrator is a positive addition to any kitchen now. A wide range of people use this item because it makes foods better, save money, and help housewives to cook creatively. When you are shopping for a new one, it is crucial to come to the right way. In fact, there are a few important factors to consider when deciding which equipment to buy.

First of all, all shoppers concern about the benefits of using food dehydrators. Dehydrating  is a process to dry the food without chemical additives. While removing  food's weight, it keeps about 90% of the food's nutritional value and flavor. Especially, it has the ability to prevent bacterias to grow in moisture food environment. Therefore, you needn't wonder about  the healthy benefit this equipment brings to, it is an ideal option for storing all food, such as meats, vegetables, fruits, and so on. In addition, the food dehydrators help to reduce food waste and save money. This allows you to preserve the fresh foods for later consumption. It is also an extremely efficient way for farmers who own the large field of fruits and vegetables to preserving for a long time.

Besides,  the most important thing to consider when investing the right food dehydrator is air flow distribution. Manufacturers depend on it to classify the basic types of dehydrators. They conclude the vertical air flow dehydrator and the horizontal air flow dehydrator. Both of them are structured differently in fan position. With a vertical air flow dehydrator, the fan is located at the top or bottom of the unit, whereas it is at the back of the unit in a horizontal air flow dehydrator.  The fan maintains constant air flow as well as circulate fresh dry air. More importantly, the air flow makes the food get drier fast in comparison with the others items.

Besides, the other significant issue is common types of dehydrators on the market. Each type has its own pros and cons, but the stackable dehydrator and box-style tray food dehydrator are regarded as the most convenient and popular items for home use. Stackable food dehydrators often have a minimal size, this helps to save counter space. The box-style tray food dehydrator is designed typically for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and meat and it needs dedicated counter space to practice. However, it's up to your  using purpose and  space to choose a suitable kind of food dehydrator for your own kitchen. View comparesion here

Moreover, the temperature system of food dehydrator plays a vital role in a drying process. Generally, different foods require the different levels of temperature.  The best type of dehydrator is one with a fully adjustable temperature to let use specific temperature basing on each type of food. For instance, at temperatures of 145 - 155 degrees, meat can dry quickly while the others need to dry at a lower temperature. You should notice about it because some kinds of food dehydrator only have temperature levels such as low, medium, and high. So you find it difficult to control proper temperature suits each food.

To sum  up, a food dehydrator is a necessary item that any kitchen should currently have. Are you Shopping? Let's consider the points above and decide which food dehydrator is best for your family.