Sunday, September 13, 2015

Considerations for best food dehydrator 2015

Whether we live to eat or we eat to live, the fact is that food is a commodity that we cannot stay away from. The way we handle it therefore determines our health. A food dehydrator therefore comes in handy to ensure that food is kept free from any disease causing microorganisms or lose of nutrients. It works by drying food and thus prolonging its shelf-life.
Types of food dehydrators
There are two major types of food dehydrators in the market. Excalibur dehydrator and Presto dehydrator. Excalibur dehydrator is intended for those in the food business industry who would like to use it for commercial purposes. This equipment allows you to dry large quantities of food and thus has a potential of bringing in more money for those using it. Make sure you choose one that has air flowing horizontally to avoid mixing flavors when drying different food items at the same time. However if you only plan to preserve just one type of food at a given time, then it is okay to use a food dehydrator that allows vertical air flow. For food that requires less light, make sure you use dehydrators with dark or tinted doors to control the amount of light getting to the food.
Presto dehydrator on the other hand can be used both at home and for business purposes. Its design is in such way that anyone can use it for the purposes of food preservation.
It is important to note that raw food is highly rich in nutrients. To avoid the loss of such nutrients, it is advised that you shield them from too much heat that will otherwise reduce these nutrients. This is why you need dehydrators with dark doors when preserving raw food.
Considerations for best food dehydrator 2015

Here are some of the important factors you need to consider before purchasing a food dehydrator for your personal use:
Wattage: A higher wattage is advisable as this increases the rate of food dehydration, allowing you to dehydrate more food in less time.
Size: This is more of a concern to those with limited kitchen space. Try choosing a food dehydrator that correctly fits into your kitchen or work space without causing any major inconveniences. If space is not a concern to you, then you might want to choose a bigger dehydrator with many trays that will allow you to dry a larger quantity of food at any particular time.
Shape: This is a factor that most people battle with whenever they think of buying a food dehydrator. Try picturing the area in which you will place the equipment and you will be freed from worrying about shape. A square food dehydrator is obviously better for a square space than a circular food dehydrator.
Fan: Take a look at how the fans are mounted. The best dehydrator to choose is one whose fans are mounted at the sides or at the top as they allow horizontal air flow which prevents mixing of flavors as well as dripping. Fans mounted at the bottom allow vertical air flow and limits the type of food you would like to dry at any particular time unless you do not mind mixing flavors.
Thermostat: Different foodstuffs need to be dried at different temperatures. You need to choose a food dehydrator whose thermostat is easily adjustable to match the heat required to dry the different foodstuffs you intend to preserve.
Tray spacing: The space between trays should be in such a way that air flow is not obstructed, thus allowing proper drying.
Timer: For accuracy in operation, you need to consider getting a food dehydrator with in-built timer.
Warranty: Warranties are ways of assuring a client that the product they are purchasing is of a good quality. Most food dehydrators have a warranty of one year. You might want to consider getting a warranty before completing the transaction.
Heating element: the heating element needs to be enclosed to prevent any electric faults that might be caused when the food juices drip on it.

Try making an informed choice based on the factors listed and you will be safe from any regrets. Pay attention to key features rather than prices as cheap at times is expensive. with such concerns in mind you are definitely going to get the best food dehydrator 2016 has to offer.